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Testimonials and Reviews

Read the latest testimonials from happy moms in the MamaNatal network.

“I have been using MamaNatal for 2 weeks now and have already noticed a difference even though the lactation consultant said it can take about 6 weeks for me to see results. I breastfeed in the morning and pump in the afternoons. This week I noticed I have enough to fill up a storage bag from one side – About 2 additional ounces!! With the milk I pump from the other side, I freeze and now I’m slowly building up my little stash. So happy to have found something that works.”

Just started

“I started taking this and I noticed some difference in my boobs. I EBF so its hard to really tell.”

It helps … I think.

“My sister (baby nurse by day, mom of 4 by night) sent me this for Christmas and it’s seriously THE best gift I got. Its made breastfeeding so much easier. I thought I would start weaning my baby at 6 months but after taking this, I will probably go for 1 year (he’s 3 months now). My only complaint is that it’s only available on this website. ”

The best gift

“So far this is the only supplement that has worked for me. I take 2 pills in the morning with a full glass of water and it doesn’t upset my stomach like some of the other natural stuff I’ve tried and I don’t have to take like 6 pills. I don’t pump (breast only) so I can’t say how much more I’m producing my but my girl falls asleep on me after feeding her. Now she feeds less then and isn’t as cranky. ”

Really works

“I bought this because I have twin boys and had to start supplementing with formula. I started taking this and their lactation consultant told me to increase my water intake. I don’t know if it was the pills or not but I am pumping more and using less formula. Hopefully I can stop buying formula soon. Adding an extra star because their lactation consultant Emmy was so sweet!”

Thank you

“Ordered this after having to go back to work and having my milk supply drop. I got this on a Friday and by Monday afternoon my milk supply was about what it was before I returned to work. I ordered another bottle – one for work and one for home so I don’t miss a single day. ”

Ordered 2 bottles
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