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Heather Steffens

Certified Family Sleep Institute Child Sleep Consultant
helps you develop positive sleep solutions

20 or 40 mins.

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Per 1:1 Intro Session


About Heather

While pregnant with her first daughter and working with families of young children, Heather learned that consistent sleep for children positively affects the whole family.

She discovered that when children are provided the opportunity to learn independent sleep, they will also learn how to sleep well.

Sleep – with a plan

Beginning in 2004, Heather was able to take her knowledge and experience and begin helping other parents get their children on a healthy sleep plan.

As a certified pediatric sleep consultant Heather continues to help families solve their child’s sleep challenges, working to create schedules that help babies and children get the sleep they need.

Heather’s commitment to helping families get the sleep they need extends beyond young babies. She also works with families of elementary, middle, and high school children.


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Testiominals and Reviews

Read the latest testimonials from happy moms in the MamaNatal network.

I can’t thank Heather enough for her support. I do not think I could have done this without her help! Her knowledge and expertise gave me the courage to get my daughter sleeping through the night, and sleeping amazing during the day. She is amazing, and we are so grateful!

Erin F

I am so thankful that I was able to work with Heather. She got our entire family to sleep. Our daughter is sleeping through the night almost every night, and naps and bedtime are no big deal after her routine. My husband and I are so much better equipped to handle life now that we are getting sleep, and we have our evening time back to ourselves!

Carrie S
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