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Colleen Newhall

Certified pediatric sleep consultant with over 14 years of nursing experience in Women’s Health

20 or 40 mins.

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About Colleen

With over 14 years of nursing experience in Women’s Health and as a certified pediatric sleep consultant, Colleen has a passion for working with mothers and their new babies, and helping other family members adjust to their new roles.


After graduating from Villanova University with a degree in Nursing, Colleen moved back to Southern California and worked as a Registered Nurse at the prestigious Baby-Friendly Hoag Hospital – Newport Beach, in Mother-Baby. While at Hoag, she took lactation training courses to obtain expertise in helping mothers with all kinds of breastfeeding challenges.

Current activities

Over the past 7 ½ years, while raising 3 young boys, she has worked at Obria Medical clinics (formerly called Birth Choice) as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. Here she gained valuable experience caring for prenatal-antepartum and postpartum patients, STD prevention and treatment, gynecological examination and family planning, and she obtained skilled expertise in obstetrical ultrasound.


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Testiominals and Reviews

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Thank you for the miracle work! My little one finally sleeps through the night and always wakes up with a happy face


He did it again, zero wake ups- 11 hours of sleeping through the night!” So appreciate your help!


Ella is continuing to do a great job during her naps and I haven’t had to go into her room to soothe in 4 nights! Thank you for your guidance during this very important time for me. I am so proud!

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