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The Peaceful Night – How to Sleep Train your Little One

Teaching your little one to sleep through the night is a challenging task with immense payoff once you pull it off!

This article provides vital information regarding the importance of sleep-training your newborn to a regular sleep routine so that mom and dad can get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Ever feel like a walking zombie due to lack of sleep from caring for you little one? You’re not alone, countless parents struggle with the challenges associated with finding a happy medium when it comes to finding healthy sleep patterns.

Enlisting the help of a Sleep Consultant can help in achieving the sweet science of uninterrupted sleep. All of us have a sleep-wake cycle called our circadian rhythm. When your baby is in utero, the maternal hormones kick in and your sleep-wake cycle is synced. Once your baby is born, your little one will rely on their own biological clock.

This is when carving out the time to work on sleep training can be crucial. The importance of developing a sleep-wake pattern that works with your family can pay off tremendously.

How to introduce a healthy bedtime routine?

Sleep training takes patience for a baby to develop. It will more than likely take a few months to get into any routine when it comes to bedtime and naptime patterns.

The benefits of creating a sleep ritual can have a positive impact on mom and baby. Babies 3 – 12 months old should be getting anywhere from 14-15 hours of sleep each day.

The first step in successfully creating a healthy sleep pattern is having a log of when your little one is sleeping. Once you’ve identified a pattern, create a ritual of preparing your little one for sleep. Preparation for naptime and bedtime includes breastfeeding and/or meals 30-45mins prior to bed.

A tested and proven method of a soothing bath prior to bed can do wonders as well. Some little ones enjoy a baby massage to relax before bed. White noise does the trick for some babies also. It is also important to change your baby’s diapers prior to nap / bedtime as this can interrupt their sleep.

Different sleep-training options

Sleep training isn’t on size fits all. Since every child is unique, you may experience some trial and error in finding which method works for your little one when it’s time to catch some zzz’s.

While on your conquest of achieving successful sleep training, remember you are not a failure if your approach isn’t working. It is also important to know your baby isn’t a bad baby simply because they’re having trouble sleeping.

The Ferber Method

Dr. Richard Ferber invented the Ferber Method which involves the baby self soothing by crying it out for predetermined amount of time before receiving additional comfort.

The Fading Method

The Fading Method is yet another technique, which some would consider a softer approach to the (Ferber) crying it out method. The Fading Method, suggest the parent gradually diminishes their role in helping their baby fall asleep.

The two main approaches to the Fading Method are camping out and timed checking ins, which involve putting your little one to bed while drowsy, but still awake, and providing reassurance by being present, by providing a simple “shh” or a pat on the back.

The Co-Sleeping approach

Co-Sleeping is another approach where both parents get to experience bonding with the little one in bed. Some parents feel their child requires extra attention and find this method to be the best approach to a sound night’s sleep.

The No Tears approach

There is also the No Tears approach. This method involves being attentive to a crying baby to help sooth your little one as frequently as needed to aid in putting them to sleep.
Some Doctors and Sleep Consultants recommend this approach.

Does every infant need a sleep-training routine?

While some children require additional attention to detail when it comes to sleep training, others fall into a natural sleep pattern. With so many different techniques available it can take time to find which method works best for you and your little one.

Some parents seek assistance from Sleep Trainers who can help identify a sleep routine that works best for the family.

To sum it up:

A healthy sleep-wake cycle for you and your little one can go a long way.

Once you establish a sleep pattern, you and your little one will be able to get sufficient rest you need to accomplish life’s obstacles.

Need help and guidance from certified Sleep Trainers?

MamaNatal is proud to collaborate with a network of maternity experts, available to support expecting and new moms.

If you are looking to find a solution for getting a well-deserved sleep for your baby and yourself, please visit our Sleep Trainers page and select your preferred certified expert to schedule a dedicated 1:1 virtual session that will be completely customized to your needs.