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Private, 1:1 phone and video sessions with certified experts.

From the comfort of your home.

Experience a secure, private and customized assistance by phone or video.

1 on 1 Virtual Sessions

Booking is super easy!

Scroll down this page to select the type of assistance you need: ‘Breastfeeding Help‘, ‘Labor & Postpartum Coaching‘ or ‘Sleep Training‘.

Watch a real-life video walkthrough on how to book your session today.

Becoming and being a new mom is a magical time – also one that comes with many questions. With our 1:1 virtual sessions you can connect with birth experts from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are expecting or just gave birth – our 1:1 video or phone sessions are highly customizable and will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

1. The peace of mind of speaking to a supportive certified expert.
2. Access to useful information for mom and babies from anywhere.
3. A free 74-page guide with all you need to know about breastfeeding.


Free Breastfeeding Guide!

Get MamaNatal’s Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding – 74 Pages Packed With Tips & Tools!


Sleep Training

Melisssa Brown
Heather Steffens
Colleen Newhall

Each baby has a different sleep pattern.

But that doesn’t mean every family has to have a chaotic sleep schedule. With a virtual session with a sleep expert, you’ll get a customized plan of action for your specific needs to sleep like a – baby.

Book a session, call your partner and say goodbye to “mombie” mode!

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Sleep Training Support

An introduction on how to sleep-train your baby with guidance from MamaNatal’s experts!

Preparing for delivery

Labor & Postpartum Coaching

Emmy Lou
Sarah Doe
John Doe

Our experts include pre-natal chiropractors, doulas and medical doctors.

Whether you would like to prepare for a natural birth or understanding how to manage the pain during delivery and after delivery, our experts will be able to help.

Important: There are so many different approaches to labor and care – we will help you find the one that suits you (not us) the best!

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Are you a Labor Coach? Contact us.

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