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[Free Webinar for New & Expecting Moms] – Breastfeed & Protect Your Baby During Covid-19

Hey Mama – It’s a scary time to be delivering a baby, and you probably have hundreds of questions. And how can you not? Every day there are new, scary reports about how COVID-19 could impact you or your baby during and after birth.

And we’ve been getting so many questions from you. Questions about the risks of Covid-19 for your infant, how you can protect yourself and baby, and many more.

We created something special for you!

To address all the questions you had, we worked with our medical expert Dr. Wiseman to create a short webinar that we’re making available to you for free whenever you need it.

It gets even better. One of our most qualified lactation experts, Dr. Colette Wiseman, a UCLA trained emergency and internal medicine physician, was expecting herself when recording this webinar.

In this webinar, she will address your questions both as a medical professional and an expecting mom.

How awesome is that?

*Update: We are happy to share that Dr. Wiseman gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl! This webinar was recorded 1 week prior to her delivery.

Here are a few items that will be covered in this webinar:

  • What are the risks of Covid-19 to my infant?
  • What are the risks of Covid-19 to me as a mom?
  • Should I breast or bottle feed if I contract Covid-19?
  • Can my family come and visit after birth? 
  • and much more..
You can register for our daily webinar with Dr. Wiseman here,
or by clicking on the image below.
Click the image above to register for the Free Webinar.

If you are expecting a baby and are more concerned about Covid-19 during pregnancy, please checkout our Free Webinar for Expecting Moms.

Want to learn more about Dr. Wiseman and meet her in person?

Visit her Profile Page here and you can schedule individual virtual sessions for in-depth counseling with Dr. Wiseman.