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Every new mom should have access to nutrition that aligns with her new specific, nutritional needs.

That’s the idea MamaNatal was founded on.

After all, motherhood is the most transformational phase in life. Bringing a new life into the world is a wonderful experience that changes our lives forever.

But it is also a transformation that can cause new moms to forget about themselves. One that can cause challenges such as lack of breastmilk, hair loss or vitamin deficiencies.

The idea for MamaNatal was born because we faced these challenges as new parents first-hand.

We quickly noticed that there are no options that addressed the multitude of challenges for moms during this stage.

Looking at the shelves, there were products we used, but no products we loved.


Products we love, made by people we know.

We’re proud of our products and of the people who make them.
Our products contain a combination of carefully selected, natural ingredients that come with a range of multivitamins specific to the needs of breastfeeding moms.

All of our products are Non-GMO, free from synthetic fillers and made in the U.S., in factories run by people we know and trust.

Nutrition for Mom AND Baby. Backed by Lactation Consultants.

We partnered with the lactation consultants and doulas at LivingRoom to confirm the purity and potency of our products.

Together with LivingRoom, we offer additional online services for expecting and new moms.


Education & Support

Join our Facebook group: ‘Breastfeeding Advice, Support & Nutrition’ for access to a community of expecting and new moms.

Together with LivingRoom, we will soon offer online support through videos, webinars and more. Contact us for more info.

Make sure to follow our blog to get access to our latest studies and resources.

Giving Back

We are proud partners of the the Mother Nurture Foundation. Their mission is to improve the health of infants and moms by providing disadvantaged moms with key supplements.

They’ve distributed 34,110 prenatal vitamins, 2,000 doses of Vitamin A and 2,000 doses of de-worming medication to moms in need.

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Premium Nutrition for Mom and Baby

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