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The story of MamaNatal

Our Story

MamaNatal was launched out of necessity in finding the sweet science in mastering parenting. Unbeknownst as new parents, Josh and Karin Stancle embarked on what would be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging stages in life – parenthood.

In 2017 Josh and Karin welcomed their baby girl Stella into this world. Parenting challenges began early on. Josh and Karin came from two different parts of the world and were given advice from two different perspectives. Upbringing values from different cultures made things complicated at times. Karin is of Chinese descent and was born in Germany, while Josh is African American, born in Los Angeles.

Armed with what little information that was gathered from friends and family on parenting styles, the new parents dived head first into how to be the best parents humanly possible. Before bringing Stella home on the first night, Josh envisioned his daughter sleeping soundly in the crib he took pride in building. Little did Josh know he was in for a rude awakening!


Our Challenges

Stella didn’t share the same vision, she refused to sleep that night. Lack of sleep became the new norm for both parents in trying unsuccessfully to sleep train Stella. Within this time, Karin experienced severe pain when breastfeeding on a regular basis.

After visiting their pediatrician for their follow-up, Josh and Karin were told Stella was gaining little weight which shook them to the core. The information given by the pediatrician left the new parents with little answers, and a ton of questions. Realizing that the resources and tools gathered from friends, family, and even the pediatrician were not enough to counter the challenges that lay ahead, Josh and Karin began doing extensive research on finding the right specialists to help them weather the storm.

Josh being a self-employed business owner working from home found it difficult to find work/life balance in the early months that followed the birth of their daughter. From sleepless nights, to Karin experiencing breastfeeding issues, the young parents knew they had to find solace.

Disheartened after a follow up doctor visit where Stella’s weight was in the lower percentile, Josh felt guilty that he was unable to be the provider and protector he so eagerly wanted to be, and Karin shared similar sentiment. That’s when Josh and Karin together embarked on a mission to find the best experts to overcome their challenges.

Our Guidance

After receiving guidance from a lactation consultant, it was discovered that Stella had a tongue-tie. After scheduling an appointment with a specialist, what seemed like an immovable challenge disappeared with a minor procedure that took minutes.

Karin and Stella were finally able to bond painlessly.

The feeling of overcoming this challenge gave Josh the immense joy of knowing that help was there, but you have to know where to get it.

It was then that MamaNatal was born and Stella thrived.

From that point on, Josh and Karin made it their mission to provide the tools and resources learned throughout their challenges to empower parents from the comfort of their home with brilliant specialists, classes, support groups, and nutrition.

MamaNatal partnered with doctors, certified lactation consultants, and pediatric sleep consultants; vetted and trusted.

Most important of all, Stella is now a happy, healthy 3-year-old with an unhealthy obsession for Peppa Pig.

“Advice from our lactation consultant helped us identify our little one had a tongue-tie. Within a matter of days I was able to nurse pain free.”

~ Karin Stancle

Our Promise

At MamaNatal we understand that motherhood is the most transformational phase in a woman’s life.

We respect that every family is different and that there is no right or wrong way to care for your child.

Whether you breastfeed for one day or one year, we promise to provide mothers like you with the information, resources, and support you need to spend more time nurturing and caring for your family.

Online Classes

Online Classes


On-demand online classes. 24/7 access for you and your partner from the comfort of your home. Unlimited access.

Breastfeeding Vitamins

Breastfeeding Vitamins

No GlutenNon GMONo Soy

Pure & clean ingredients to help you increase milk supply and replenish your own nutrients while breastfeeding.

Talk to an Expert in Real Time

Talk to an Expert in Real Time


1:1 customizable video and phone sessions with doctors, doulas, lactation consultants, sleep trainers.

Our Experts

All of MamaNatal’s experts are certified and have years of experience in their area of expertise. We are like a big family. Our experts are doing much more than providing advice and consulting – they are involved in every aspect of our business with the single aim to provide you with everything you need to know pre- and post birth.

Our experts are involved in vetting the ingredients of our vitamins, reviewing other colleagues’ work and we all work together to solve problems our clients encounter. By working together so closely we are able to maintain the most engaged and passionate network available.

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