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The story of MamaNatal

Our Story

Imagine gently laying your newborn baby into her crib for the first time. You watch her sweetly drift off to sleep as you scan the room to take in all the details: the sturdy wooden crib you built just two weeks earlier, the pinterest-perfect nursery, your wife quietly sobbing from the reclining chair..

When Josh and Karin Stancle welcomed their girl, Stella, into their Sherman Oaks, California home in 2017, everyone told them they were in for a huge change. Josh didn’t really know what to expect, but he definitely wasn’t expecting this.

It had been 7 days since Stella was born, but Karin was not producing enough breastmilk for her.

The nurses at the hospital told her it would take time for her milk to come in and to be patient, but Stella had already lost so much weight and Karin was growing more stressed with each breastfeeding session. It was enough for Josh to reach out to as many experts as he could.

It was then that MamaNatal was born and Stella thrived.

Stella is now a happy, healthy 3-year-old with an unhealthy obsession for Peppa Pig.


“Advice from our lactation consultant helped us identify our little one had a tongue-tie. Within a matter of days I was able to nurse pain free.”

~ Karen Stancle

Our Promise

At MamaNatal we understand that motherhood is the most transformational phase in a woman’s life.

We respect that every family is different and that there is no right or wrong way to care for your child.

Whether you breastfeed for one day or one year, we promise to provide mothers like you with the information, resources, and support you need to spend more time nurturing and caring for your family.

Online Classes

Online Classes


On-demand online classes. 24/7 access for you and your partner from the comfort of your home. Unlimited access.

Breastfeeding Vitamins

Breastfeeding Vitamins

No GlutenNon GMONo Soy

Pure & clean ingredients to help you increase milk supply and replenish your own nutrients while breastfeeding.

Talk to an Expert in Real Time

Talk to an Expert in Real Time


1:1 customizable video and phone sessions with doctors, doulas, lactation consultants, sleep trainers.

Our Experts

All of MamaNatal’s experts are certified and have years of experience in their area of expertise. We are like a big family. Our experts are doing much more than providing advice and consulting – they are involved in every aspect of our business with the single aim to provide you with everything you need to know pre- and post birth.

Our experts are involved in vetting the ingredients of our vitamins, reviewing other colleagues’ work and we all work together to solve problems our clients encounter. By working together so closely we are able to maintain the most engaged and passionate network available.

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